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8 Slot PMC/XMC PCIe Bus Extension Chassis, Air- and Conduction Cooled

19 Full Rack 8 slot PMC/XMC carrier with PCIe Bus Extension



  • ILINK (Rugged IPASS) PCie Bus
  • Extension
  • Redrivers for PCIe Gen. 3
  • 8 slot PMC/XMC CC or Air
  • Front I/O / Rear I/O
  • 28VDC 200W Power Supply
  • 115-220VAC 200W Power Supply
  • Air-cooled or
  • conduction cooled
  • Connects to a PCIe bus
  •  Optical or copper interconnect I.LINK PCIe x4 or x8 Gen. 3 wide connector
  • SSC eliminator circuit on PC / host side
  • Isolated power supply

This 8 slot chassis for PMC/XMC modules connects to a master CPU system per PCIe bus extension cable for industrial applications in measurement, control and testing.


  • PCI_100.132.28VDC 19” RACK-BLACKDELTA-CC-28VDC-PMC-XMC 8 slot with ILINK PCIe Gen3
  • PCI_100.132.115-220AC 19” RACK-BLACKDELTA-CC-115-220VAC-PMC-XMC 8 slot with ILINK PCIe Gen3
  • PCI_100.133.28VDC 19” RACK-BLACKDELTA-AIR-28VDC-PMC-XMC 8 slot with ILINK PCIe Gen3
  • PCI_100.133.115-220AC 19” RACK-BLACKDELTA-AIR-115-220VAC-PMC-XMC 8 slot with ILINK PCIe Gen3
  • PCI_300.173 PC-Card (PCIe) x4/x8 LANE Bus Extension PCIe Gen. 3
  • PCI_300.330.2 ILINK CABLE 2m
  • PCI_300.330.1 ILINK CABLE 1m


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