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Desert Gecko 6 slot VPX PCIe Gen2 chassis:

PCI-Systems innovative 1-2-3 system. 1: Lab unit 2: Configure unit 3: Deploy unit!
All our prototype systems can be deployed without needing to change out the chassis. Add Front and rear custom covers and full sealing and you are ready to go to qualification! 

Desert Gecko 6 slot VPX PCIe Gen2 chassis



The 6 slot conduction cooled chassis can dissipate 120W in a non-moving air environment. The fin design and wall thickness was designed and analyzed with Flowmetrics software and designed for minimum delta T offset in an average thermal load application. The design was then verified in real life enviromental chamber experiments with a sealed chassis using our 3U heat simulator modules. Data available upon request. 

Our ATR version of the Desert Gecko  conduction cooled chassis with forced air cooling can dissipate 450W.

Part of our thermal design process on the module level is the VITA REDI specification, consisting of  “best practice” rules and suggestions for the thermal layout of the PCB.  We also use additional techniques like large copper planes in the PCB, and have various module cover heat transfer solutions. We can also thermally attach your module to a sidewall of the chassis, giving one or more chips a direct thermal travel path from the top of the chips. 

All of these technologies and methods combine to a very stable thermal dissipation platform.

EMI and Painting

The chassis is chromatized on all surfaces before applying custom primary and secondary coatings of your choice.  Primer:  Epoxy Chromate free per mil-p- 53022, 1 coat 30-50 microns. Outside: Polyurethane low voc mil-c-83286 color RAL TBD per fed std 595, 1 coat at 25-30 microns.
EMI is therefore minimized as effectively as possible and can be further minimized by using SSC on all slots in the system.  
Technology Overview

- Aluminum 
- Chromatized and painted
- NEMA 4x IP65 sealing
- GORE Vents for atmospheric pressure equalization
- Void fillers for condensation control
- COAX duct routing front I/O from card to card to rear I/O
- MIL-DTL-38999 connectors 
- Custom I/O
- Rugged On/Off switch
- Stackable with airflow guaranty
- Field carriable
- Protection for the chassis
- Optional: Cold plate mounting
- IPC class 3
- Conformal coating
- Distributed PCIe100 MHz clock
- Amphenol rugged VPX connectors available
- Passive backplane with active mezzanine (PATENT PENDING)
- Standard or custom I/O
- Custom mezzanine for OpenVPX slot profiles


The ExoCage Field Protection Armor features:

  • Mounts both directions - no matter where I/O is located
  • Bump protection
  • Guarantees airflow to all cooling fins
  • Fast relocation with handles in the field
  • Comes in rugged MIL-SPEC case


 X-large handles available depending on customer needs.







  • PCI_800.454.ExoCage.3U6S *3U Field Cage, including screw, fasteners and rubber bump protection elements. Chassis, passive backplane, PSU, standard rear I/O


For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATA SHEET or fill out the request form here.