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All rugged power supplies can be customized. Contact us for assistance.

VITA 62  3U conduction cooled power supplies

  • PCI_800.104   600W 28VDC (10-36V) non isolated high efficiency Smart PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.105   300W 28VDC (10-36V) isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.106   500W 28VDC (10-36V) isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.107   500W 28VDC (10-36V) isolated Smart PS (Overview page) (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.108   1000W 10-40VDC input isolated conditioning 28V output PS
  • PCI_800.116   600W 270VDC isolated Smart PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800 150   600W 115VAC 400Hz isolated Smart PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.152   600W 85-264VAC 50/60Hz isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.160   600W 85-264VAC 50/60Hz THREE Phase 28V output isolated Front end board
  • PCI_800.161   600W 115VAC 400Hz THREE Phase 28V output isolated Front end board
  • PCI_800.162   1000W 115VAC 400Hz THREE Phase 28V output isolated Front end board

VITA 62 Low cost, planar transformers, conduction cooled power supplies

  • PCI_800.160   700W 28VDC (14-40V) Isolated Smart PS (Overview page) (Datasheet per request)

VITA 62  6U conduction cooled power supplies

  • PCI_800.305 660W 1phase-115VAC 400Hz-28V backup 150msec hold isolated Smart PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.306 600W 1phase-85-230VAC 50-60 Hz 150msec hold isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.310 600W 3 phase 115VAC 400Hz isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.311 1200W 400Hz 115VAC 100msec hold isolated Smart PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.312 1200W 270VDC 150msec hold time at 660W isolated PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.313 500W  28VDC 150msec hold at 500W isolated rugged PS (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.314 1000W 12-36V isolated Smart PS (Datasheet)

VITA 62  3U and 6U air cooled power supplies

Are available using conduction cooled designs in mechanical carriers specifically designed to match your airflow specifications. Pitch increases by 0.5" (Datasheet per request)

Hold-up modules (Companion modules)

  • 3U VITA 62 VPX 500W input hold-up super cap 28V companion module (Datasheet)
  • 6U VITA 62 VPX 1200W input hold-up super cap 28V companion module   


     cPCI Power Supplies

  • PCI_800.302_6U cPCI_700W 85-230VAC isolated Smart power supply (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800.302_B_6U cPCI_1000W 85-230VAC 40-440Hz isolated Smart power supply (Datasheet)