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VITA 73 Bus Extender


  • Bus extender
  • Lab use
  • Ruggedized inter chassis connection
  • X4 and x8 lanes




Simplifying VITA 73 development

A PCIexpress bus extender kit permits a standard desktop PC to expand its available PCIe slots to a VITA 73 backplane. The desktop can be used as a master CPU to accelerate development.

Adittionally it is possible to expand the bus from one VITA 73 backplane to a second backplane / chassis. This is done via a special rear I/O card which connects directly to the backplane switch for up to 8 additional lanes. The cable connects to the second chassis via the VITA 73 CPU slot.

Technical Specifications:

The 84-circuit connector is a derivative of the x16 iPass PCIe External Cable Standard Input/Output (I/O) connector. Standard use is External PCI Express (PCIe), also termed PCIe x4, x8, x16. Ethernet can port 10 Channels of 10 Gbps, enabling data rates to 100 Gbps.
A ruggedized, NEMA 4x sealed connector is available for deployed systems.
Application example: High speed in-vehicle sub system interconnect, VPX main computer to storage subsystems in the VITA 73 small form factor.






  • PCI_400. 703 -- VITA 73 Bus extender kit Version 2


For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.