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VITA 73 NAS Chassis "NAS ray"



  • Up to 10 terabytes storage capacity
  • Multi-Port 1GbE and 10GbE to PCIe
  • PCIe Gen2 fiber optics interconnect
  • Nema 4x (IP65) (O-ring sealed)
  • VITA 73 compliant


NAS solution in rugged small form factor

 Our VITA 73 NAS chassis features 10 SSD/HDD slots and utilizes a high speed RAID controller for data write/read. Possible inter-box connections are 1 and 10GbE, as well as PCIe Gen2 direct bus connections using fiber optics. The chassis is 5.7” wide, 4” high and 6” deep without the MIL connectors. Just a bit higher than a soda can. This VITA 73 ready NAS chassis fits large storage capacity into the smallest possible rugged form factor. 

Key features:

  • 10Gbps per-port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage (SAN) and networking (LAN) traffic
  • Full hardware offload for TCP/IP, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and iSCSI protocol processing
  • Full support for TCP/IP and Ethernet performance enhancements such as Priority-Based Flow Control
  • (802.1Qbb), jumbo frames, checksum offloads, and segmentation offloads
  • SR-IOV support for faster networking performance in virtualized environments
  • Alternative PCIe Gen2 bus interconnect over fiber optics



SandStorm™ SSDs enable standard Flash memory to reliably operate in rugged MIL-SPEC storage applications.
Key features: 
  • Secure erase sequence, Secure cell destroy
  • Memory PCB removable from the controller board (classified data)
  • RAID 0, 1 possible within a single drive for performance or data mirroring
  • Performance (sustained): Sequential R & W Transfer: 500 MB/s
  • Random R & W IOPS: 60,000 (@4K blocks)





  • PCI_400.215 -- VITA 73 11-Slot NAS CHASSIS 10GbE / PCIe


For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.