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Rugged Modular Chassis Systems


Our modular, aluminum chassis variants give you many different and interchangeable options for VPX and cPCI, as well as our rugged small form factor VITA 73. System design is better than mix and matching parts. PCI-Systems Inc. rugged chassis sysrems and its electrical components were completely designed in-house with a modular approach in mind. We can cover *all OpenVPX backplane profiles with our backplane, as well as creating custom profiles for you in a short time frame.

A typical basic unit consists of a 6 slot chassis, power supply and a 3 part PCIe GEN2 backplane. Ask for our PDF presentations about the cutting edge Desert Gecko 3U chassis system, and our custom modular active/passive backplane with mezzanines presentation. (PATENT PENDING)

We offer a standard rear I/O solution with MIL connectors (ICD available), featuring pin/signal configurations used in most applications. Also available are custom rear I/O solutions. There is also a lower cost rear I/O transition module available utilizing D-Sub connectors.


HAWK VPX 3U 1 Slot Chassis - Network or CPU centric small ruggedized chassis



Desert Gecko EXOCAGE - 3U PCIe GEN2 CC and cold plate VPX 6 slot chassis, with Armor Cage Protection for field portability




Crosswind 600 - 3U PCIe GEN2 COLD PLATE ATR Style 6 slot lightweight chassis





Tarantula 1-2-3 - Lab Chassis to deployed system - 3U CC VPX and CompactPCI





Micro Stingray and Micro Air Ray - Rugged Small Form Factor Chassis - VITA 73





Falcon - Lab / Test 3U 14 Slot Chassis Sealed Aircooled - VPX and CompactPCI





Turtle Shell - Flat Chassis 3U and 6U - VPX and CompactPCI





UPS "Desert Gecko" - 3U VPX "Desert Gecko" uninterruptible power supply








If you do not have a transport case you wish to use we will gladly suggest our preferred composite transport case supplier to you.

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Molded from reinforced composite material
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Tested to MIL-STD extremes
  • Custom made to fit PCI-Systems Inc. chassis